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RCMIS embraces online learning amid the novel coronavirus outbreak

2020-02-09Editor: Source: Photo: Yanbin WANG

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues, Shandong University decided to suspend on-campus courses and required all students not to come back to school until further notice. The university is making all-out efforts to minimize the disruption to teaching and learning amid the epidemic by rolling out a series of measures.

Starting from February 17, classes will be taken online via multiple e-platforms, such as Yuketang, ClassIn, Canvas and so on. Drawing upon these state-of-the-art technologies, teachers are able to lecture in a variety of ways, from live streaming and pre-recording to MOOCs and webinars. RCMIS uploaded video footage of lectures given by renowned scholars and courses delivered by award-winning teachers on a featured website, in an attempt to provide more resources for remote learning and ensure the quality of homeschooling. Based the feature of mathematics, RCMIS has combined online teaching platforms with instant communication tool such as QQ and WeChat to get attach to all staff and students. RCMIS has organised course group for teachers and students to deliver the latest information, share learning materials to ensure the successfully online course running.

Since the viral outbreak, RCMIS has been maintaining regular contacts with students, providing necessary help to those who encounter difficulties in study and life and those with psychological problems. Although it is unclear when students are allowed to return to school, RCMIS has urged to get prepared for the arrival of students, emphasizing the need to strengthen logistics support, improve campus environment and optimize the plan for disease control and prevention.

Following the official announcement of postponing the starting date of the spring semester, the university will notify when face-to-face classes will resume in due course.

(Editor in Charge: Lei Hao)